Andy Dolphin


I started working for the family business after leaving school at 18.
By this time I had experienced a wide variety of sign related work, including traditional signwriting.

This put myself in a good position to take on the co-ownership and running of the company in the year 2000 following our Fathers’ Retirements.

We have made quite a lot of changes since then, in order to keep up with the drastically changing sign trade industry at this time.

This has helped us to keep pace with the competitive markets.

The latest change was 3 years ago when we uprooted from our long standing base to a newer building and to a better geographical position to serve our local and nationwide customer base.

Jamie Bowden


Having left Art College in 1982 I started working for the family business the following year. Tasks were varied and I became a traditional signwriter.

In the following years I learned all aspects of the sign industry giving me the platform to take over the business with my fellow directors in 2000.

Since then we have purchased new equipment bringing Bowden and Dolphin into the modern era.

We now work for a variety of large companies and can hopefully maintain this for the coming years.


Anthony Bowden

Director/Design Studio

Having left school in 1988 I started a college course in Media Studies & Graphic Design then began work at Bowden and Dolphin in 1990.
Having started at the bottom of the chain as the resident tea boy
I started work on the very first Graphics 4B vinyl letter cutting machine and moving forward to producing designs on computer and more manufacturing, I have also took on the role of First Aider and Forklift Truck operator.

Moving up as the fathers retired I started to go out more, surveying and quoting jobs. I still do most of the above today as I enjoy being downstairs in the factory and having the hands on approach and seeing the finished product go out to be fitted.

Having seen the sign industry change over the years from the traditional signwriting to where it is today I feel we have kept up with the times and brought in the right machinery and people to keep up with today’s market.


Dave Dolphin


When I left school in 1984, I decided I would like to work in an industry that was significantly art based, I was lucky enough to find a position in a kitchen design studio where I planned and draw perspective kitchen layouts.

I worked for this company for 4 years eventually moving onto a larger national company which was in the process of a transition into to the new world of computerised planning systems.

Later that year I moved into the family business at a time when the sign trade was also moving into the computer age.

The sign industry trade has totally changed across the board and is now completely reliant on computerised systems and digital large format printing.

I wonder if it will change as dramatically during the next thirty years?


Mike Measey

Sign Fitter

I have been working for Bowden and Dolphin for just over 18 months, in this short amount of time I have learnt many new skills which I am able to use day to day.

I started off with the production of Signs and I now spend my week days travelling the country installing signage to the highest standard.

Outside of work I enjoy socialising and playing football.


Joe Brolan

Sign Fitter

I have worked for the past 40 years for Bowden and Dolphin Signs, as a fully trained and qualified signfitter.

I take pride in my work whatever the job may involve i.e. a local store or a multimillion pound shopping centre. I like to achieve job satisfaction at the end of the day.

My role as a supervisor has taken me all around the country and no two days are the same.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, travelling around the world and spending quality time with my family and friends.


Stephen Walton

Graphic Design & Sign Production

I trained in exhibition and graphic design, after achieving a HND & PDD I joined Bowden & Dolphin Signs. Now with over 15 years’ experience in the sign industry, my role is a mix of creating production drawings & design ideas, using Adobe software and specialist sign applications. Outputting printed and cut vinyl jobs. As well as sign production involving vinyl application, both in our workshop and onsite installations. I have a keen eye for detail and like to aim for perfection.

Sue Sneddon

Admin Assistant

My Name is Sue, I have worked for the company for a short period of time, My job role is varied as an Admin Assistant and no day is the same.

I am enjoying the challenges that are come my way. For the first time I have gained valuable experience in signage and learnt how to cut signs and help other workers when necessary.

I have taken on the role of Health and Safety Administrator, keeping all work areas up to date with monthly checks. This has also given me an opening into locating and looking for potential hazards which may arise and how they can be resolved.

My general duties include reception, telephone, emails, personal, couriers & post. Keeping an eye on the purchase orders and matching all relevant paperwork to specific jobs to be invoiced on the accounts Sage System.

I also have great pleasure in working alongside the Directors helping assist them in duties when required.

I will also be taking on a brand new challenge to us all by posting & updating our brand new website on a regular basis.

Ryan Bowden


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