Banners & Canopies

Bespoke & Architectural Signage

Are you Looking for an Architectural Sign which is Designed Specifically for you?

Bowden and Dolphin Signs can bring architects or designers drawings to life, or work with them to create a design that is practical to manufacture and install.

We can carry out technical surveys to obtain dimensions and determine fixing methods and also provide structural calculations and drawings that are required for your architectural sign.

Directional Signage


We can either erect the hoarding structure itself or, we can fit to an existing hoarding using graphic panels. Alternatively, if the hoarding has received a suitable treatment of paint, we can apply self-adhesive, printed vinyl sheets.

We can survey the hoarding to obtain dimensions and to work out any angles or slopes that need to be considered. We can either work with your designer to advise them or our team of sign designers can do this.

Monoliths & Totems

Bowden and Dolphin can fabricate monoliths and totems to various sizes and bespoke to your needs. They are ideal for example when your building cannot be seen without obstruction, or if it is set back from a road and they can be placed to advertise your company in advance of arrival and guide customers to you.

All totems or monoliths will be designed and installed to your bespoke specification.

Post & Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are ideal in situations where a sign panel needs to clear a fence for example or at a height to avoid vandalism.

Bowden and Dolphin Signs have a vast range of different signpost systems; we cater for all needs whether you’re looking for a single post with one sign panel or want complete directory signs, we can assist you. Sign panels can be cut and shaped if required and we make sure we incorporate only the best quality materials to give a vibrant and polished look you can be proud of.

We can provide post and panel signage for all different sectors including shopping centre signage, educational signage, health and safety signage and various other sectors.

Traditional Sign Writing

Along with the new technology, our Birmingham team are also skilled traditional sign writers.

This is especially useful for signs in heritage areas or if the area the sign is going onto is not suitable for newer technologies. It maybe that you have a requirement for the sign to be painted on the wall, as opposed to using vinyl letters and we can paint your signage directly onto any surface for you.

Sign Skins

Sign skins are a printed fabric or PVC contained in a specially made extrusion.

The benefit of these over using acrylic panels is that the skin can be produced in one piece as opposed to separate panels, which can sometimes show gaps. The skin can also be illuminated via internal fluorescent tubes or LED within the extrusion. The extrusion can also be powder coated.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great way to help your business stand out from the crowd. Imagine walking past your shop, does your signage reflect the image you wish to portray to potential customers? Does it entice them through the door?

Bowden and Dolphin Signs’ team of sign designers can design and develop your window graphics using our advanced, large format printer onto self-adhesive vinyl to decorate windows. Along with this we can also add an etch effect on vinyl manifestations to windows. All graphics are printed in-house using the latest cutting and printing equipment.

We provide a wide range of window graphics from computer cut vinyl graphics to self-adhesive labels.

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