Construction Signage From Bowden and Dolphin

Here at Bowden and Dolphin Signs, we have supplied signage for construction companies throughout the West Midlands and the UK. We have worked with property developers building new homes, commercial and retail construction sites. We can also supply architects, builders and other tradesmen with signage as well. We understand it is an important requirement that signage for the construction industry is manufactured to a high quality, with high visibility in order to keep workers on the building site safe and the general public in the immediate vicinity. All of our construction site safety signs can be adapted to incorporate your logo and many are also printed onto cost effective robust correx in either 4mm or 10mm thicknesses. Our signs are also available in a variety of different sizes to suit your exact requirements. We can also print onto aluminium composite or plastic signage for use indoors and outdoors.

We manufacture all of our site signage to be suitable for fixing onto hoarding panels, cabins, storage rooms and welfare facilities. We can also provide internal signage to be used inside cabins, for instance for site and project managers’ offices, as well as first aid station signage and suggestion boxes.

As well as your site warning signs, we can also offer a variety of building wraps, construction signage and site health and safety signs to ensure you have all the branding materials that you need.

The importance of construction signage

Construction sites are some of the most hazardous places to work, with hazards lurking around every corner. Construction signage is a legal requirement designed to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries arising from them, both for workers and the general public. Signs highlight dangers, as well as telling employees what they need to do to minimise risk and inform them of designated first aid points and emergency equipment in the event of an accident. The signs also allow for the building site to be run efficiently.

Building wraps surround your construction and serve a dual purpose: keeping the general public out of harms way whilst also being a  marketing tool. Indeed, a bright, attractive and informative sign letting them know what is being built or developed on site which can attract property enquiries and potential sales for when the development is completed.

What are the different types of construction sign?

There are several types of construction sign you may need to use on site, including:

Warning Signs

A construction warning sign tells people there is a potential hazard. They are easily identified by their colour and shape, a yellow triangle with a black border. This type of sign is often accompanied by additional information of a mandatory or prohibited action which will reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Mandatory Signs

These signs indicate an action which must be taken to ensure safety. They are identified by a blue circle with white images or text inside it. They may also include an additional blue panel and white writing to provide more information. An example sign that is required by law is the All Visitors and Drivers Must Report To The Site Office sign. This sign ensures an adequate record of visitors and workers is kept, which is essential during an emergency or fire. Other signs which my be required include construction personal protective equipment signs, to ensure people are wearing the appropriate clothing and equipment to keep themselves safe.

Prohibition signs

Prohibi9tion signs display an action which should not be performed in order to ensure safety. These usually are a red circle with a line through the centre and can also incorporate a red panel with white text for further information. For example, a No Entry sign is used to inform visitors and workers not to enter a certain area as it may be unsafe for themselves or others.

Emergency Signs

An emergency sign gives information that can be used in various different emergencies on the construction site, including emergency exits, first aid or rescue facilities. They can be used to indicate escape routes, emergency exits and/or first aid equipment to visitors and staff. Typically, these signs can be identified by a green rectangle or square with imagery or text in white to make them stand out.

Where to display your construction signs?

There is a large selection of signs available but where you need to position them is often dictated by legislation. For example if you are using a no entry sign to limit access from the general public then this sign should be placed at the entrance, clearly visible to passers-by. Similarly first aid, fire extinguisher and fire exit signs need to be displayed to clearly show to visitors where these key items are, should they ever be needed.

Also if you need a sign to alert people to passing vehicles entering and exiting the site, then this should be located close to access routes and internal pathways. In every circumstance, all construction signs should be easy to spot and read.

Are construction signs required by law?

The short answer is yes, with various legislation over the years which pertain to the installation and type of construction signs, including the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 (HSR) and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO). The former details the correct types and locations of safety signs that must be used in workplaces, whereas the second focusses more on fire safety signage in particular.

It is also worth noting that in the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974, the primary piece of health and safety legislation in the UK, it states that employers must provide relevant information, instruction and supervision to ensure the workplace is safe and construction site signage can contribute to this (though of course it should be used as part of a range of measures to keep the workplace safe).

Why choose us?

Bowden and Dolphin Signs were established in 1959 in Birmingham, giving us over 60 years experience of working with businesses throughout the UK, in a variety of sectors, with their signage requirements.

We have many years’ experience and offer a wide range of signs to the construction industry – from small, freelance companies through to very large, nationwide companies. We have provided prohibition, warning, mandatory, emergency, fire and ppe signs.

Out of our workshops and offices, we offer a complete signage service to our clients. We can project-manage the process from start to finish according to your specific needs and budget, from site design and manufacture with our talented team of designers, through to delivery and installation of your signage.

The very best construction signs will display your UK company in a better way than just a simple sign or logo and can be a very useful marketing tool to help your business to stand out when you are working in an area so speak to our highly experienced team of specialists to make sure that the signage you use best suits your business.

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