Directional Signage

Directional signage is recommended for businesses, offices and various events to display important messages and improve your visitor experience. Bowden and Dolphin print onto quality and robust materials and our directional signage is highly customisable and configurable to the needs of our customers. These signs are used for a variety of purposes …

It is important to provide clear directional information both towards and inside your premises.
The instructions need to be bold, clear and simple.

Building or Room Names
Visitors to conference rooms, offices and event halls need to be able to easily navigate the area and find the correct room or building. This is particularly important for first time visitors.

Designating Zones or Areas
Providing clear visibility for car parks, lanes, smoking areas, receptions, waiting rooms and similar areas with important purposes.

Providing Important Information
Provide various means of important information to your visitors such as parking regulations, customer information areas, entry fees, litter and recycling, opening hours, toilets and charging stations.


Directional signage contributes to the navigability, professional appearance, and overall visitor appeal of your premises. Areas with directional signage have many advantages in addition to this including …

Directional signage gives immediate guidance on where visitors can go and where they are currently situated. This also provides reassurance that your customers know where to park their vehicles, find refreshments, hang their coats, and generally navigate your premises without confusion. Establishments that efficiently control visitor experiences always make an excellent first impression.

A Welcoming Atmosphere
Signage that is situated in key areas allows individuals to feel assured they are in the right place . This is vital for businesses that have regular new visitors and event spaces that hold large gatherings with a substantial number of attendees.

Customers don’t need to feel confused, wonder which door to open, guess the correct car parking space or ask strangers for directions. The correct type of directional signage will do all this for them and make the initial part of the visit relaxing, effortless and get your meeting or event off that a great start!

Not only can your signage be used for directions, your company branding can be incorporated into the design – creating an impressive overall feel to your premises.


The ideal position for directional signage would primarily be areas that are clear and isolated. Arrivals to your premises need to be able to notice the signs instantly and naturally. It is recommended they are positioned as linearly as possible. It is important to place the signs keeping in mind where visitors actually are rather than where you want them to be. Signs that are positioned after your visitors have been allowed to take a wrong turn aren’t helpful at all and it’s vital they aren’t obscured by other graphics or objects.

Also please take note of the environment where the signs will be positioned and choose the appropriate materials.

Indoor signs need to be made from a durable material with a long lifespan. the perfect choice for office directions, internal building instructions, exhibition graphics, toilet directions, lifts and fire exits.

Special UV protective coatings are ideal for outdoor signage, keeping the appearance bright and vibrant, so they stand out and continue to look as good as new. These would be used in car parks, along pavements and at special outdoor events to attract the attention of your visitors. Other types of laminates can be used to maximise your product’s appearance whilst still being protected from the outdoor elements. Contact Bowden and Dolphin now and talk to a member of our team if you require any further information.