Restaurant and Bar Signage

A major area of growth in recent years for Bowden and Dolphin has been the demand for the design and installation of restaurant and bar signage. Your imagination is the only limitation as our experienced team have worked closely with some of the UK’s most innovative retailers in this ever-evolving and extremely popular industry. With bars and restaurants in particular – the appearance of your premises can make a major difference to the success of your business. With such a large variety of establishments to choose from, it is vital that your signage turns heads and demands the attention of your potential customers. Here at Bowden and Dolphin, we will ensure that you get the essential head start on your competitors by expertly designing and installing your restaurant and bar signage.

We understand that the design and appearance of the outside of your restaurant is very important. There are different types of restaurant signage available, you are able to choose which design and font go with your business’ aesthetic.

Whether you would prefer a simple, traditional but effective sign that is still prominent for your business or opt for a bigger, illuminated sign with brighter and bolder elements, we can help you to create the perfect sign.

Does your restaurant have a bright, fun theme? Is it more of a chilled café? A late-night establishment? What kind of food can the customer expect? Is it a casual lunch restaurant or a fine dining experience with an award-winning chef? These questions can be answered by the design and type of signage you choose and showcase.

You want to make sure that your restaurant entrance is clear and easy to find – if this isn’t the case, it can be harder to attract visitors. This is why street restaurant signs help to let people know where you are. A custom restaurant sign is the perfect way to highlight your brand, a sign to show the name of your business is essential and they can be styled in a way that fits your restaurant’s theme.

When creating signs for the front of your restaurant, it’s a good idea to include your opening and closing hours as this will become a practical marketing tool.

There are a number of other things you can include in your signage to convey a specific message. You can display QR codes for discounts, offers or to even view the menu before entering the restaurant. You can also notify them of your social media accounts, allowing customers to share with their friends that they have visited your establishment and also to leave reviews.

You can inform customers of your safety policies by adding in the instructions in small print. For example, social distancing, offering hand sanitiser or maybe advising masks when entering.

You may include internal signage in your restaurant to help customers with the directions they need to follow within the building. These can include signs leading to the toilets, children’s play areas and other areas that may be hard to find if it is someone’s first time visiting your restaurant.

Signs play a large role when it comes to the atmosphere of restaurants, cafes and bars. We take the duty of creating your signs seriously and make sure to capture the full essence of your business. The more you are able to portray the ambience of your restaurant, the more chance you have of attracting customers that are interested in the type of experience that you offer.

It is also important to make sure that your customers can always see that your business is of high-level quality and making sure that your signs are up to date, clean and well-designed sign is a way of doing that. If your sign looks dirty and needs repairing, it can give potential customers less confidence in your restaurant and could ultimately lead them away.

The sign is the first, biggest and basic marketing asset. Being able to get your signage correct can help to attract the type of customers that you would like to., as well as contribute to creating the right atmosphere, improving customer experiences and providing safety information.

We can design, create and install your perfect sign to help bring your brand to life and welcome business.

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What types of restaurant signage do I need?

For your restaurant or bar we would recommend a mixture of internal and external signs in order to attract customers into your establishment and once they are there to ensure they feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome. In a restaurant, signage is there for both a practical purpose as well as a powerful marketing tool to draw customers in.

Here at Bowden and Dolphin we have a wide range of custom-made restaurant signage to choose from, with a wide range of styles on offer to suit every use case, you’re bound to find a restaurant sign board to suit your business. Some common ones to consider include:

  • Order your food at the restaurant: This one is useful depending on how you want to serve your customers and can also cut down on the need for waiter staff in the front of house. A bright and welcoming sign upon entry lets customers know the ordering system and for first time diners can leave a great first impression of your business.
  • Wait to be seated sign: You may also want to consider putting a wait to be seated sign near to the entrance of your restaurant, near a host stand in a highly visible part of the restaurant. This can be beneficial or customers to understand the seating policy to ensure a smooth flow of customers arriving at the restaurant and could also be a safety consideration if your bar or restaurant is quite small to ensure footways remain clear.
  • Restroom and directional signs: As well as toilet signs above the doors, you may also want directional signs around the restaurant so customers don’t get lost on their way to the loo. These can also work in cafe’s, pubs and bars.
  • Display board signs: You may want signage to show promotional actives, events and themed nights at your premises which will ensure more visitors come out to visit you on those special occasions.
  • Opening Times: It’s always a good idea to make your customers aware of when you are open so they they know when to come by your eatery and they don’t turn up hungry and then disappointed that you aren’t open. It can also help to build a loyal customer base who will know when you are open for their next visit.
  • On street signage: If your restaurant is hard to find, street signs may be useful for letting people know where you are located. You may also want to use A board signage to show deals and offers such as today’s specials food item to encourage people passing by to come in to your premises.
  • Something to stand out! Of course you also want to make sure your restaurant stands out from the crowd and gives you a fantastic first impression. Investing in a high-quality sign reflects your restaurants brand and identity and is a good idea for both new and established eateries alike.

Why Choose Bowden and Dolphin?

Creating and installing attractive signage that makes you stand out from the crowd is a guaranteed way of making your premises visually appealing and distinctive to your clients. Couple this with with excellent service and impactful mounted wall menus, you are greatly increasing the likelihood of making a good impression on your visitors who will share their positive experiences with others – both verbally and via online reviews. In modern times, people rarely visit a venue without checking the reviews on Google and social media first … so it’s important that an excellent first impression is made.

Our signage has included a wide range of impressive projects and bespoke solutions that have created a positive, instant impression and resulted in a positive upturn in business. From simple and stylish, to off the wall and extremely unique designs, Bowden and Dolphin’s design and installation team have delivered above and beyond our client’s expectations and helped to bring tremendous success to their business. We have worked with a wide variety of national businesses who have trusted us to deliver a quality service, raising the bar with quality signage solutions using a process that is reliable, flexible, professional and affordable.

Our restaurant and bar signs are created in many styles using a vast range of aesthetically pleasing and durable materials. Both exterior and interior signage can be illuminated to create an even more impressive impact and help to draw attention to your brand

Printing digitally to semi-transparent materials allow us to create full colour designs that can be displayed on your premises on large facades, meaning that substantial sections of your building can be bursting with life and creativity, guaranteeing to draw the attention of passers by. If done correctly, your premises is the perfect advert for your business.

Bowden and Dolphin combine this unrivalled service with rapid production times, backed up by our highly skilled installation and maintenance team that works closely with our customers to deliver the complete signage solution. We can even provide technical surveys to check dimensions and choose the right fixing methods whilst providing structural calculations and drawings that are required for your signage.

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