Wayfinding Signage at Paradise

Over the last two years we have worked on the Paradise Redevelopment.  This has included all wayfinding signage, changing regularly to direct the public around the development as it progresses.

This involves manufacturing and installing large format digital prints for the hoarding, which have been laminated with anti-graffiti film and applied to composite board, then installed onto the hoarding. Also we have manufactured and installed stencil cut vinyl and applied direct to the hoarding face for shorter term use.

The process involves carrying out a technical sign survey in order to record the natural fall and rise of the hoardings. This is then converted into a sign template which is then passed over to the design agency for placing their design on. This is then sent back to us for printing, and applied to the panels in sequence following the rise and fall measurements taken from the survey. Therefore when the advert is installed, the design runs seamlessly without any ‘stepping’ in the print from one panel to the next.